Warranty and Technical Service

All products manufactured by LLC “YUGMASH Plant” have a warranty period, which is specified in the product passport. The efficiency and safety of the enterprise, as well as the safety of the workers themselves, depend on the reliability and performance of the oil and gas equipment.

At “YUGMASH Plant” company, you can count on purchasing high-quality equipment with warranty service. In addition to targeted warranty service, you can sign a contract for the technical maintenance of the equipment.

 – this offer includes a range of services such as diagnostic activities and systematic inspection of the equipment;

 – repair works (price list for types of work and costs available upon request).

Thus, it is possible not only to prevent an emergency situation (saving the lives of the staff) but also to significantly extend the service life of the equipment. You can be sure that all maintenance work will be performed with high quality. Our company employs only qualified specialists who regularly confirm their high level of professional skills. They have extensive experience and are familiar with all the nuances of the work.

By signing a contract for technical maintenance, you can be sure that any malfunction will be timely and correctly rectified. This, in turn, guarantees the stable operation of your enterprise. Consequently, you not only ensure qualified technical assistance at any time but also save funds.