Cleaning system



         Name of equipment
1 Full-set circulation systems for drilling rigs of all classes depending on the equipment
2 Full-set cleaning block for circulation systems depending on the equipment
3 Mobile circulation systems for major well repairs and drilling of second wells depending on the equipment
4 Block the production of drilling fluids БПР-1  
5 Block the production of drilling fluids БПР-1  
6 Blocks for preparing chemical solutionsБПХР  
7 Sludge disposal block depending on the equipment
8 Degasser “Каскад-40”, “Каскад-40М” 02  
 Clay mixer  
10 Coagulation and flocculation block БКФ


11  ОГШ-50 type full-set centrifuge – with stepless rotation speed control-single-speed
12  ОГШ-35 type centrifuge for drilling second shafts (full-set)
13 Vibrating sieve СВ 1 ЛМ, СВ 1ЛМ-02  
14 Vibrating sieve single-cassette ВСМ, ВСМ-1  
15 Cytogerontology separator СГС (СВ 1ЛМ+ГЦК) СГС (СВ 1ЛМ+2ГЦК) СГС (СВ 1ЛМ+ПГ 60/300) СГС (СВ 1ЛМ+ГЦК+ИГ45М) СГС (СВ 1ЛМ+2ГЦК+ИГ45М) СГС (СВ 1ЛМ+ПГ 60/300+ИГ45М)  
16 Hydrocyclone ГЦК-360  
17 Desilter ИГ45М  
18 Desander ПГ 60/300  
19 Three-layer sieve cassettes with cell size 0,05 -0,8 mm
20 Submersible seal-free pump ПН 12,5/12,5, ПН 63/30  
21 Pump 6Ш8-2  
22 Pump 6Ш8-2М with oil seal
23 Pump ВШН-150  
24 Pump ПРМ 75-30, ПРМ 63/22,5 with a non-pressure seal
25 Hydraulic vacuum mixer СГМ-100  
26 Cyclone ball dispersant ДШМ-100  
27 Hydraulic dispersant ДГ-2  
28 Mechanical agitator ЦСЗ-3000 ОУК (ПЛМ), ПЛМ-1  
29 Gas-containing drilling fluid separator СГБ-2  
30 Hydraulic agitators 4 УПГ  
31 Circulation system closed for drilling in the depression  
32 Oil sludge processing facility  
33 Averaging facility УО-20  

Block for the preparation of solutions and emulsionsБПР-20 М (УО-20 М)